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Yayoi Nakai-Hosoe, MM, MT-BC

Yayoi is a board certified music therapist and a registered music therapist in Japan. She received both her BA and MA in Music Therapy from Western Michigan University.  She also holds Bachelors degree in Social Welfare from Yamaguchi Prefectural University in Japan.


Yayoi has worked at Music Institute of Chicagos Institute for Therapy through the Arts (ITA) for over 5 years.  She held the position of Acting Director of Music Therapy and Clinical Training Director for music therapy at ITA for a year.  After coming back to Japan in 2012, she has been working at the Hyogo prefectural rehabilitation hospital Nishiharima in Tatsuno-city.  Yayoi has provided music therapy services directly to children and adults in a variety of settings.  Her clinical experience includes work with children and adults with developmental disabilities, physical limitations, neurological disorders, mental illness, and dementia.  She is an experienced presenter on a variety of topics and frequently provides in-services and lectures to professionals in the community on music therapy or related topics both in Japanese and English. 

Aiko Onuma


Aiko Onuma is a music therapist, keyboard/piano instructor. Having over 10 years of varied performance experience as a professional piano player and several years of teaching experience throughout Japan, she moved to the United States. She holds a degree in music therapy from Berklee College of Music, in Boston, MA.


She has been working as a music therapist with children, adults, and the elderly with neurological disabilities, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, sensory disorders, physical disabilities, palliative care patients, and mental disorders by using a variety of music therapy techniques. Since 2007, she had given keyboard workshops for music therapy students at Berklee College of Music for 5 years as her unique method of using keyboard and improvisation has been recognized. She also worked as a music therapy supervisor for Berklee. As a keyboard/music instructor, she has been teaching individuals from age from 2 to 95 at all levels including consecratory students, music therapy students, autism, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, blind, and neurological disabilities.


She has presented her work at conferences inside and outside the US, and some of her music therapy session videos utilizing unique techniques have been used as educational materials in music therapy and related fields offered by other professionals in the US and Japan.


She has been the president of "Kakehashi" Music Therapy Connection Group since June 2014, a translator for Music & Medicine Journal since 2013, and a committee of the organizer team for the 15th World Congress of Music Therapy since February 2015. 

Aiko Onuma: Published Articles and International/National Presentations
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